Did you know we don’t use onion, leeks or garlic in any of our gluten free dishes? We also have a completely separate kitchen for gluten free preparation!

We take it seriously.

We are also proud to say we have the most incredible gluten free bread crumb you will find on the market! Crunchy and moreish!

It can sometimes be tough following a gluten free eating plan, but you can trust with our meals and desserts you wont even taste the difference. Gluten free, onion and leek free and still delicious!

We would love for you to be actively involved in growing our gluten free range so let us know about your specific dietary requirements and your favourite menu options on our feedback page!


  • I havent enjoyed pastry since ive been gluten free but this looked great and tasted amazing. My husband who eats gluten also enjoyed the gf pastry. Wish we lived in Melbourne so we could have more often!

    Ellen Boag
    Ellen Boag
  • "Tried your gluten free Chocolate and Raspberry cake recently. Yum!!! It was so nice to have delicious gluten free food that everyone loved."

    Denise Ray
    Denise Ray
  • Their gluten free cheesecakes are the best and are always my go to dessert for my gluten intolerant family. Highly recommend.

    Bev Koenig
    Bev Koenig
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